Tidbit Tuesday – Gift Ideas from Pintrest


I decided to put together a bunch of ideas to say Merry Christmas to people who help all year long. There is some tipping etiquette you can check out on Emily Post. I know tipping is a way to say “thank you” but it seems so impersonal. Also, if I tipped everyone, we wouldn’t have money for gifts for our family.

Postal worker – I’m so going to do this. Our postal worker is so sweet!

postal worker 2

Garbage man – If you are around during the time when you garbage is picked up, I would suggest to give the gift personally and say “thank you.” One suggestion is a box of cookies or donuts. If you are not around you can put a big bow on the garbage can with a gift. But make sure it is VERY visible. It would be sad if the gift got thrown away.

garbage man2 garbage man

Teacher – Practical gifts. I taught for 5 years and I cannot tell you how many mugs and ornaments I received. I would suggest a gift that can be used.

teacher gift teacher gift 1 teacher gift 2

Carpool drivers – Gas gift cards or car supplies.

carpool carpool1


coach gift 1 clipboard

HOA Board Members – Thank you note or email. Just taking the time to say “thank you” is enough.

Do you have any people that you say “thank  you” to this holiday season? Please share any ideas you have!

Be Blessed!


***I am not getting any payment for any products that I suggested. Also, I am not recommending these exact product. I have never bought or used these. I’m just giving the ideas. :)***

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One thought on “Tidbit Tuesday – Gift Ideas from Pintrest

  1. I’d like to give our daughter’s bus drivers *something*. They are both so friendly, know our names and most importantly, keep our daughter safe to/from school. Any suggestions? A gift card? Maybe I could do the M & Ms idea and change it to be school appropriate instead of mail…. Thanks for the ideas!

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